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Dahlia 'Arabian Night'

Dahlia 'Arabian Night'

Dahlia 'Arabian Night'
Dahlia 'Arabian Night'
Dahlia 'Arabian Night'

Dark and mysterious, Dahlia 'Arabian Night' is deservedly popular, with its dramatic deep red flowerheads with a tinge of black in the petals. It stands about 1m tall, with flowerheads between 1-15cm across. Combine with pinks and plum-coloured flowers, or use as a contrast for blazing oranges.

Dahlias, as grown in the garden, are hybrids of plants originating from Central America. They tend to prefer free draining soils in full sun that are watered regularly.  Dahlias are late flowering, often into mid-November, providing a splash of colour when other plants are past their best. Their splash of colour does require work: not only do the taller varieties require staking, all require regular feeding and deadheading, and their tubers need to be lifted in the late autumn and stored.

Dahlias are divided into groups based on the appearance of their flowerheads. Decorative dahlias have fully double flowerheads, with no central disc visible, and the petals have slightly incurved edges and usually blunt points.

Scientific family Asteraceae Special type
Type Herbaceous perennial Origin Central America
Lifecycle Deciduous
Garden Style Cottage/informal Town/courtyard Position Border Containers
Soil Clay Loam Sand Features
Wildlife pH Acid Alkaline Neutral
Fragrance Aspect South East
Exposure Sheltered Growth rate
Shape Special type Maintenance High maintenance
Health caution Poisonous Additional use
Time to maturity 1-2 years Spacing
Planting depth Awards

Dahlia 'Arabian Nights' at Hampton Court 2011
Dahlia 'Arabian Night'. Small, decorative.
Dahlia 'Arabian Night'
Apply high-nitrogen feed weekly. Week 23
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Flower colour
Foliage colour
Soil Clay Loam Sand
Hardy zone
Max height 100cm
Plant max spread 50cm